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Workbook Answer keys

The answer keys for the printed exercises are available on the "Miscellaneous Resources" page, linked above.

Magic Sheet and More

A new version of the Magic Sheet of Old English inflections is now available. To get it, follow the new "Miscellaneous Resources" link above. There you will also find word frequency lists and answer keys for the printed exercises.

Alice in Wonderland

Looking for a fun way to study Old English? Try Æðelgýðe Ellendǽda on Wundorlande, a new translation that not only renders Alice in Wonderland into Old English, but transports the story back to pre-Conquest England. Published by Evertype; available from Amazon U.S. and Amazon U.K.

For a sample, follow this link. To correct your copy of the first printing, see the errata page.

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Old English Aerobics

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Welcome to the home of the Old English Aerobics Anthology, Glossary and Workout Room. This site provides supplementary materials for users of Peter S. Baker, Introduction to Old English, published by Wiley-Blackwell. These materials include on-line versions of all the texts in the book’s anthology, exercises and a glossary.

You can get a copy of Introduction to Old English at Powell’s, Barnes and Noble (including a version for the Nook), Amazon and Amazon UK (including a version for the Kindle), Play.com and other on-line retailers. You can preview Introduction to Old English at Google Books and buy an ebook version there. iPad users can get the book through the iBooks store.

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